Handsome Dudes.

The neighbors pulled up from their Sunday service, while the chickadees and I were outside coloring our Easter eggs.  They asked if I could snap a couple quickie pictures of the boys in their Easter threads.  Uh, of course!

They don't get much more handsome than these two.  And let me tell you they have southern hospitality, like no other.

Dad said this was his smile.  I laughed.  He said "no really it is".  Being the proper lady I am.  I said something about his dog's farties.  Oh come on.  I would never talk like that.  To a nine year old boy.  To get him to laugh.

And Mr. H.  Can we say future heart breaker?  F'reals.

I am going to miss these boys.  A lot.  When we move. 


This boy.  He is too much.  I asked H. if I could take him and his brother with us to Arizona.  He said "no thank you ma'am".  Like I said southern hospitality, my friends.  I am going to miss that too.

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Jami Nato said...

um, how cute are they?