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1.) Where did I meet my husband?
I knew of him through institute before his mission, but didn't really know him all too well. After he got home, there were multiple people who asked me if I had seen Michael Mortensen, or if I knew Michael Mortensen was home off his mission. I really had no idea, because I didn't "know" him at all, so quite honestly didn't care. His name became stuck in my mind though, and when I heard he was at a singles dance I was determined to get there and meet him. My sister and I made it to this dance with two songs left, and I was irritated when I was asked to dance. I was on a mission and it was being thwarted!! So basically I am a stalker. . . I sought him out.

Here's how well I knew him though, I had to have someone point him out to me!! This leads us to the first things I said to him. . .

2.) What was the first thing you said to your husband?
"Hi Michael Mortensen!" (His response is what's great!) He looked at me and said "Hi, do I know you?" Talk about embarassing! I said, "I am Brooke Wilkins" Poor Mike then says, "Oh are your cousins Shannon and Michelle?" Ouch! (side note: honestly I wasn't embarrassed, I thought the whole thing was hilarious). Anyway he walked me to my car, I gave him my number and e-mail address, and we have talked everyday since!

3.) Where was your first date?
I was living in Flagstaff at the time, with my parents and he came up to stay with us for a weekend. I don't remember all of the things we did, but I do remember going out to eat, going hiking, and going to a movie.

4.) Where was your first kiss?
At my parents house before he went home. . . yeah I know first date.

5.) Did you have a long or short engagement?
We dated for nine months and were engaged for 2 1/2 months before getting married.

6.) Where did you get engaged?
He proposed to me in my parents backyard. I was in my pajamas ready for bed. (Romantic I know!) I knew he had just talked to my dad, and I guess he was pumped, so asked me right away.

7.) Where were you married?
We got married in the Mesa, Arizona Temple. It was early Feb, and actually very cold when we took pictures first thing in the morning. By the time we came out of the temple it was a beautiful day! Perfect weather.

8.) How did the reception go?
It was beautiful, and the line was incredibly long. The reception lasted an hour longer than planned. It wasn't all that much fun for me though. I had mono. I caught mono just three days before the wedding. Fun huh?! I worked at an elementary school and found out after coming back to work that a few kids and a teacher were out with mono too. Couple weeks later Michael ended up with Mono. His was bad enough though to put him in the hospital. He ended up with what they call Hepatitis Mononucleosis. It affected his liver and turned him jaundice. He was in the hospital for a week.

9.) How was the honeymoon?
We had decided to go on our honeymoon a few months after getting married. Actually turned out for the best seeing as Mike ended up in the hospital. We stayed in Palm Springs. We went to the beach, six flags, and tons of great restaurants! It was my second time in my life to go the beach. We had a lot of fun.

Ok I think these things are silly, but actually enjoy them. I like getting to know things about others I didn't previously know. So I would love everyone who reads this to have a go at these questions. But the three people I know the least about their engagements would have to be Audrey, Lara, and Bucky. So I tag you three!!


Lacey said...

Loved all the pictures! That eye thing is so creepy! I remember the first time you showed me that picture! Poor Mike!

Audrey said...

I loved your story. I will definitely share mine with you once we get moved into the new house, so be patient with me for a bit. The pics made it so fun too, kind of like a mini movie.
Girl, you look hot in those pics!!!!

Trejo Family said...

That was so fun to read. Ok that picture of Mike is crazy. Carter was jaundice and I didn't know adults could get it. Glad everything turned out ok with that. -

Lara said...

Loved the story of you guys!

Yeah, that picture of Mike, when I first saw it (before I read that he was jaundiced) I totally thought someone colored on the picture and wondered why you'd post it!

I will do mine today.