400 Times a Day

A little glimpse into why Isaac is so fun to have around. . .

He was helping me clean the house today and I told him he was doing an awesome job.

His response "Awesome like a opossum. I am awesome like ALL the opossums!"

Seriously he is such a crack up. I read the Ensign (September issue) article yesterday about Laughter, and how it can help us live healthier lives. Isaac brings so much joy and laughter into our home (and a lot of two year old chaoticness). I am lucky to have such a funny guy around to help me keep things in perspective, and who helps me remember to laugh a little more often!

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Michael said...

oh how fun he is! we miss the days when we saw him almost every day, he is so imaginative and it sounds like he has Michael's keen rapping skills too, so he will be 'ill.