Boot, Scootin' Boogie

I can't believe my little girl is going to be SIX months old next week. She is on the verge of crawling. She has her own little scoot down, to get where she wants to go. Here's a slide show if you will of her in action:

First her little rear end gets raised in the air, as far as she can.

Second she lunges herself forward kicking off with her feet.

She then lands so gracefully, surveys her surroundings to check out her progress.

This entire process continues until reaching her final destination.

I know these photos aren't the best, but I happened to have the camera by me as she took off. Really though does the photo quality matter, it's just a reminder that these moments are so fleeting. . . and I caught it on camera!

I know from experience that all too soon, Ainsley won't be a baby any more. She will soon not need me to feed her, dress her, or rock her to sleep. I love every minute of watching her learning, growing, and exploring the world around her. I love to sit back and wonder what joys and struggles she will encounter in this life. Then think about my role in helping her accomplish her dreams, and overcoming challenges.

Basically I am amazed by my sweet little girl!


Lacey said...

She is beautiful Brooke! It's crazy she is 6 months old!

Michael Mortensen said...

That's my little girl!

Lara said...

So cute! Chloe and Sophia both did an army crawl, scootch type thing. I love it!

Michael said...

awe... that's precious. can't believe she's 6mths old... time flies.. heck Hunter will be potty trained by the time you see him :) haha yeah right.

Arnett's said...

I had no idea you had another baby! Congrats... 6 months later! I cant believe she is scooting! Aiden cant even do that yet! How are you! What is in Texas? School I'd imagine!

The Tate's said...

Hey Brooke-
We are in Texas too (You have to be carefull Y'all is always on the tip of my tounge now). We have been in Lubbock Texas for a year now. My husband is going to school at Texas Tech. Texas is a crazy huge state so most people have never heard of Lubbock, but we are in the North West part of Texas. It is a hard a adjustment to move away from family. But I must say I dont hate it here. Everyone is really nice so that makes it a lot easier. That's nice you guys are close to Dallas, I heard there are lots of fun things to do there.

Your kids are so cute. I love the picture of them at the top of your blog on the couch. It was good to hear from you and we will have to keep in touch so we can compare stories of Texas life.

Matt-Whitney said...

She is to cute!!!

Arnett's said...

How long have you been in the ol TX? Enjoying your self? Do you know anyone? I want to move out of state to Texas or Montana, but I am scared!