Can You Follow?

What do creepy peeping toms and Isaac's teeth have in common? Nothing at all, except my random brain likes to start at point A and somehow I end up at point B. Mike likes to make fun of my random train of thought. Really it's not my fault, my mind just works that way :) But I wanted to give you an example of just how it works.

Let's take a little journey through my thoughts of last night. This is when my thoughts seem to be at the peak of randomness!! I started out thinking about creepy peeping toms, and last thing I remember was thinking about Isaac's upcoming dentist appointment. Here is the order of my thoughts. See if you can follow (I numbered it to make it easier to follow). . .

1. I begin thinking about our the bizarre Relief Society lesson on Sunday. It wasn't the lesson itself that was strange, but an event that took place at the end of the lesson. There is a police officer in our ward that is going to teach us self defense. I enjoy self defense, so was interested. Something went horribly wrong with him trying to get the women excited about his class though. He began telling us very graphic and gruesome stories of things that had happened to women right in our neighborhoods. After hearing about men looking through blinds, stabbing women, stealing the men to do things to the wives, etc. the Relief Society President jumped up and said "thanks, how about saving something for your NON Sunday class."

2. Why the heck was he trying to get us so scared. I guess he gets a little excited about his job. Such a scary job being a police officer.

3. Guess I should think about getting curtains to put over my blinds.

4. There were some really nice curtains at Pottery Barn, I wonder if they will go on sale soon.

5. I wonder if I saved that website about how to make your own valances out of sheets.

6. Why can't I sleep without blankets completely covering me? (I am the kind of person who will keep the air conditioner way down at night just so I can bundle up in my sheets).

7. Why don't my kids like blankets touching them at night? Why is it some people can't sleep without covers, and others can't sleep with them? (to whoever is reading this which kind of sleeper are you?)

8. Ainsley sure hates when the blankets touch her (she kicks like crazy until they are off of her, or she falls asleep.

9. Ainsley can play peek a boo with the sheets. She is so funny.

10. She can be so happy one minute and crazy mad the next. (different images run through my mind)

11. I remember reading a book about talking to your baby while you nurse them. Man does Ainsley hate that. (She gives me such dirty looks if I try to talk while she's eating. It's a look, like, HELLO I am eating here, and you are totally RUINING it for me!)

12. Poor Isaac, I wonder if my nursing him really did cause all of his dental problems.

13. The cavities on his teeth look so painful.

14. I hope I can find the dentist, and get there on time.

15. I hope I like his new dentist. . . .

That's where I fell asleep. Well that's the last thing I remember thinking about.

Seriously, I have one busy mind. If it hadn't been written yet, I would have been a great candidate for being the author of "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie". . .


Lara said...

I'm just impressed that you remember your train of thought! I totally do that too.

I am a blanket sleeper, by the way. Can NOT sleep without covers. Ever.

Bria is a not blanket sleeper. She hasn't had to make her bed in years because she prefers to sleep right on top, even in the dead of winter. I had to force her to use covers when it got to 20 below here.

And YES. I said 20 below. And me just having moved up from AZ. Brrr!

Michael said...

that seals it. you are crazy. :)

covers all the way.

Christopher said...

I can relate Brooke...and I have found that writing down all my thoughts helps me fall asleep. It's like if I can get it out of my brain and on paper then it's a relief..then I can fall asleep with a clear head.

Oh and I can't sleep without a blanket..even a nap on the couch.

Christopher said...

P.S- This is Alacey..not Christopher

Jen said...

wow, that is really an amazing train of thought. i could follow though, good job getting it all written out! i am a blanket/sheet sleeper, must have something on me, always or it's not sleeping. weird huh? how does that work out in the family bed with blanket sleepers and non blanket sleepers...interesting!

BandHGardner said...

I can totally relate to your train of thoughts. I do that ALL the time! Brent thinks it's crazy of me. At least you fell asleep, that's important.

FYI I too must sleep with a blanket. And a sheet won't suffice. I don't care how hot it is, I will sleep with a blanket. If it's too hot, I will let my feet peek out of the blanket. Talk about security! :)

Trejo Family said...

This is hilarious! I do the same thing. My mind is constantly racing. I am glad I am not the only one. *Ü*

The Powell Family said...

Blankets for me! Not for the kids. DJ and I fight over the thermostat every night, and he usually wins because he plays the "but the kids will be cold" card and what am I supposed to say to that? By the way, I hope you're liking Texas!! Now my mind is going 1,000 different directions and Blankets....I'm thinking about whether I should fold the clothes I have washed this morning, or if I should save them for when the last load is done with the cycle. I also haven't made my bed yet this morning and I'd like to get that done before DJ gets home, so should I go ahead and wash sheets since I'm doing other laundry or save it for Wednesday, which is my sheet changing day?

As you can tell, I totally get you!