Day After

It has been a rough day today. Isaac is better, and is back to eating normal, but he has been quite the little pill.

While giving him a shower, I ran to check on Ainsley, and grab him a towel, and in less than one minute he had emptied a new bottle of shampoo (a nice expensive one!!) I can't get too mad either because I left him alone, even if it was for a minute!

He has been hitting, kicking, and stepping on Ainsley all day. Seriously driving me nuts.

I don't even know where to begin with his messes today. Just two examples (and there are MANY), he took his Gatorade and dumped it on the floor. Took a packet of crackers and dumped them on the carpet, and stepped on them.

I could probably keep going with my list, but I think you get the point. So now for the silver lining with my day:

- Isaac is eating and not throwing up! He even tried apples today! Only took a couple bites, but I will take it.

- After he dumped out my shampoo the bathroom smelled really good.

- Ainsley still adores Isaac even after all of the torture. They played in the bathtub before bed, and both of them just giggled and had fun together. Isaac even prays for his "little Beep Bop" (Ainsley), so at the end of the day they still love each other.

- At least the Gatorade was spilled in the kitchen and now my whole floor gets a good mopping again. . . making at least that part of the house clean. As for the crackers, lets just say I am thankful I have a good vacuum cleaner.

This is a picture of when we were still on campus. . . but it sums up my day today. Both with him being such a stinker and yet so cute, and a huge mess that I get to clean, but a big smile on my face!


Lara said...

Phew! I sure know how you feel. It's amazing the damage a kid can do when you turn your back for a second!

And I'm so glad that you said tht picture was from when you lived on campus...I was worried for a minute that you had to live with that awful linoleum where you are now! LOL.

katherine said...

Oh Brooke--did you know I have a picture of S with green paint, just like Isaac? I remember I sent Aunt Mabel a Christmas card that was pretty detailed about the craziness the kids were up to. She wrote me a letter, where she told me that these years as a young mother will be the most cherished years of my life and that I'll never have my small children back once they are all grown up. Those words still ring true for me. You're a great Mom--Aren't we tough, hard working women? You know it sista!

Audrey said...

Days like this...what do you say? We've all had to deal with this stuff, but it doesn't make it seem any easier. At least you're looking for the positive in each situation.

Tina said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has days like this. Except for me, it seems like my whole week has been this way! :)