Sorry this one took so long to get out, but here it is. . .

Five things I was doing 10 years ago:

1. I was in high school. I spent half of that year in Lansing, Kansas and the other half I was in St. David, Arizona.
2. Playing Tennis and softball.
3. That summer I worked at JcPenney, at the Superstition Springs mall.
4. Going to EARLY morning seminary in Kansas, and then LOVING seminary as one of my classes at school in AZ.
5. Singing in school choir and performing in school musicals.

Five things on my to-do list today:

1. Touch up paint in the kitchen
2. Start Isaac's "school" lessons. (We do preschool lessons at home, and he loves them. He can is up to letter E in recognition! Gets his smart genes from his daddy!)
3. Spend time with Sylvia. (really when we get together non of my to-do lists get done! I love her for that!!)
4. Go to Michaels for craft supplies for "school".
5. Start preparing for my Sunday School lesson. (those 17 year old kids keep me on my toes and I have to be very WELL prepared, or I feel so lost!)

Five snacks I enjoy:

(I am not much for snacking, so some of these are a stretch)

1. I LOVE sugar snap peas!!! If I don't have snap peas I like cherry tomatoes OR just a whole tomato!! YUM!! I love vegetables any kind. I could become a vegetarian and be completely happy!
2. Cookie dough. I would rather eat the dough than the cookies.
3. Wheat thins. I like tomato and basil. . . or the giant plain ones.
4. I used to like eating cheese sticks when I could eat cheese.
5. I am not a big candy eater (meaning I don't buy a lot and keep it around the house) but I do enjoy peanut butter m&m's, anything with coconut and chocolate, and 3 musketeers.

Five songs I know the lyrics too:

wow, what a question. . . I like so many different kinds of music, and know all of the words, so I don't know where to begin!!

1. Anything Shania Twain
2. Anything off of Deana Carter's "Did I shave my legs for this?"
3. Quite a lot of The Carpenters
4. A lot of Britney Spears, old Britney (laugh if you will, but it's true!)
5. I like a lot of The Drifters songs too.

Five things I would do if I were a Millionaire:

1. Go back to school.
2. By my dream home with some land.
3. Buy my dad the truck he wants. . . and Carey too!
4. Invest, Invest, and Invest some more.
5. Travel with my family, immediate and extended.

Five bad habits:

1. Nail biting when I am nervous, or picking at my face (I know gross!)
2. Eating too much. I love to cook and I love to eat. . . not a good combo!
3. Sometimes seeing the negative and not looking for the positive. . . right away!
4. Worrying about trivial things.
5. Being late, and then getting stressed out about being late. Vicious cycle!

Five things I would never wear again:

Actually I like this one and could keep naming quite a few things :) I must have been super cool in the 80's!

1. Hypercolor shirts
2. Tight roll jeans and wearing two pair of different colored socks (on each foot)
3. Side pony tails and big bangs with lots of aqua net!
4. mc hammer pants. . . I didn't wear them but I hope I never see anyone else wearing them every again!
5. Spandex with the stirrups.

Five things I like to do:

1. Reading
2. Watching movies
3. Cooking
4. Being outside and playing with my family
5. Scrapbooking

Five of my favorite toys:

1. Digital Camera
2. Scrapbook stuff
3. Treadmill. . . actually have a LOVE/HATE relationship with it.
4. My stove (I love cooking)
5. internet


Matt-Whitney said...

You are to funny!!! Those are cute!!! I like them. Im going to send you an email you will like it.

JenW said...

i love learning more, awesome! i'm totally with you on the hypercolor t-shirts.

Lara said...

Did I know you graduated from high school in St. David? A bunch of my cousins lived (live?) there.

Always fun to learn random things about you. I did this one, too...just barely published it, LOL!

Michael said...

nice list. I also like the 80's ones... its funny on that list there are things missing if you are a little older that you would've missed... but thats' ok, you are also a girl, so you would miss things... I am being lazy and only commenting on 1 but for 2. sounds like things are going great in TEX