Butterfly in the Sky

It was a beautiful day today (no rain!), and Isaac had been asking me all morning to go out and play with him. I kept trying to put it off, but finally gave in. I am glad I did, because we had fun!

There was a big butterfly blowing around our driveway. It was almost dead, but alive enough (really doesn't sound right) for Isaac to learn a lesson. He was able to learn how to be nice to one of Heavenly Father's creatures.

We talked about how pretty it was, what color it was, and made some sugar water for it to drink. I let Isaac pick it up and we learned how to be gentle. He was ecstatic that there was a bug I would let him touch. (I normally freak out when I see bugs, we had a tarantula on our doorstep a couple days ago!!!)

After holding the butterfly for awhile and watching it's LONG tongue (Isaac was fascinated by it) drink water off his fingers we let it go. Like I said earlier it was already dying (or as some would say he was "mostly dead") , so it still hasn't left its spot on the grass. At least it had one nice meal right?! A little piece of trivia for you, a butterfly's expected life span is 2 to 14 days.

Ainsley enjoyed looking at the butterfly too, and tried to make a couple grabs at it. I took some pictures of her too, just because she's cute!

This has nothing to do with what we did today, but I am excited that I finished Ainsley's tutu! I am not going to ruin the surprise by putting pictures of her in it, but she looks like she's sitting on a big green cloud! I am just as excited for Halloween this year as Isaac is!


Matt-Whitney said...

Oh my WORD! She is a little chunk. They are so cute.

Lara said...

I'm curious to know how you made that tutu! I'm making three for Halloween (you and a couple others inspired me to think ahead :) ).

Thank you for posting the butterfly life span. When we lived in AZ, Bria used to catch butterflies by their wings...who KNOWS how...and someone told me that made them die more quickly. Just knowing that they don't have that long to live makes me feel better about all the butterflies she helped kill.

Audrey said...

That picture of Ainsley smiling at the camera is so adorable. What a cutie!

Lacey said...

Love the tutu Brooke! Elodie saw Tinkerbell at Costco and decided that is what she wants to be for Halloween. We bought it today for her and it's been hard to keep her out of it. I'm excited too because I'm going to make her 2 huge lime green bows, put her in white tights, and spray paint a pair of white dress greens green! Girls are so fun! P.S- They had a really authentic Jack Sparrow costume at Costco too....not sure how much you are willing to spend. We justified the expense since we know Elodie will wear it long after Halloween is over. She is still wearing her princess dress from last year!

AND...Ainsley is a doll! Love those pictures of her!

JenW said...

your kids are so cute! delicious! i'd love to see ainsley's whole costume, what a doll!

Lacey said...

Brooke- do you have a new email address? Wanted to let you know that Elodie got her present from Isaac this last week and LOVES the horse..it was super sweet of you guys to think of her! Please let me know what your new email address is so I can send some pictures.

Elodie's party is this coming Saturday at the little gym...we will miss you guys!

Lara said...

Brooke: Thanks for your nice comments about my photo site...and thanks for verifying that I'm not crazy about the pricing of the CD...it's pretty standard that way.

As for printing them out, I'd go with mpix.com. They are a professional lab, and they do awesome work. A little more expensive (but still really reasonable) than like shutterfly or winkflash, but pros use them and I love what they do. I use them for my enlargements of special pictures. They also offer metallic paper, which looks really cool on certain pictures. I think they have a section explaining which pictures look best with it.

Hope you find a good photographer!

Oh--and I made my tutus yesterday...I found a really good and easy pattern online and love how they turned out. The girls are thrilled with them, even Sophie! I'd love to know how to make the wings, though. Email me. Lalakme at gmail dot com.

The Tate's said...

Got to love Texas weather. It may rain alot more than Arizona but when it clears up it is so nice out this time of year. ok so I love my boys but that tutu you made is one reason I have to have a girl. Too cute!

Michael said...

cool shades dude! Isaac, you are the coolest!