What's in a Word

I have now been a witness to "Southern Hospitality". Twice I have had young kids come help me load my trunk up with groceries (encouraged by their parents). We met a family out for a walk, around the neighborhood, who stopped by for a little chat (we were outside washing the car), which turned out to be an hour long visit. I have noticed that people like to start up friendly conversations in stores all the time. I kid you not, one lady talked to me for 15 minutes. After she kept talking for a few minutes, I continued trying on shoes, and she continued to talk. (I really wasn't trying to be rude, so I answered any questions she asked me, but I was in a hurry, Ainsley was not in the best of moods). While we were at the baseball game one of the workers there asked to hold Ainsley.

The "Texas Drawl" is something I am still trying to get used to. There have been quite a few people who lay it on so thick and talk so fast, that I really have to concentrate on trying to understand what they are saying. There was one man in particular, that for the life of me, I just couldn't figure out what he was saying. I just nodded and smiled, and hoped he wasn't asking any questions!

Some people naturally pick up speech patterns and pronunciation without trying or even noticing. I am one of those people. I am originally from Kansas, and I wasn't even aware that I had an accent until moving to Arizona. Michael still likes to make fun of some of the things I say, or rather the way I say them.

It is not the accent that I am picking up on so quickly, but rather one word in particular. I bet you can guess the word. . . it's "y'all".

I have caught myself about ready to say "come on y'all let's go", or "come on y'all it's time to eat", you get the idea. It really has been a conscious effort for me to say "come on GUYS let's go", etc. Where as before hearing this Texas phrase on a regular basis, I would simply say "let's go".

In the end I don't think my vowel and consonant sounds will change much while living here. I am sure though, that some of my word choice, and phrasing will most likely change, without me even realizing it.


Trejo Family said...

Sounds like Texas is a friendly place. That is so sweet of those kids to help load your groceries.

Cuddlydoll said...

It is fun to hear how things are going for you in the Lone Star State. Thanks for keeping your blog updated.

I have an aunt who lived in Texas for a while and I remember he saying that she loved how everyone used "y'all". She said it was so inclusive and always made her feel welcome.

I hope you feel the same way!

katherine said...

I love the southern drawl. It makes me crave Oklahoma and all of it's friendliness. What's up y'all?!! Have you found your self just talking that way to your kids just fer fun?

Lindsey said...

You are SO lucky! Out here in Connecticut people look at you like you are from Mars (or the nearest insane asylum) if you try to talk to them. Hmmm...maybe we should move to Texas.