I'm a Little Acorn Round

My little man is a nut. A determined, independent, goofy nut.

me: "Ike Do you know your pants are on backward?"
I.: "yup. . . Wanna see?"
me: "Okay, just checking"
I. " That's the way I like them"
me: "You really are a nut."
I. "yup" (then he takes off like a maniac running through the house).

That's my nut!


Brianne said...

Ha ha ha! Never a dull moment, right? What a funny guy.

dustyperle said...

Brook, I can't wait til april! Let me know what day and time would be good for you to take our pics and also a price. This works out so great because I will be moving into a new home that next month and will want some new pictures for my walls. You can call me or email with the details.

Bethanne said...

Omigosh. Your kids are a riot. Seriously, how can one family have kids that are bursting with so much personality?!