Blood, Sweat and Tears

Okay there really hasn't been any blood involved. (unless you count A running through a prickle plant with her bare feet yesterday, but really that has nothing to do with anything. So it doesn't count).

Sweat. Oh yeah. There has been lots of it. The sun is so nice and toasty, and we plan on soaking it all in before (Texas) mother nature decides it should be cold again (which I heard on the news we will hit freezing again this weekend).

Tears yes. There are always tears shed when my kids are trying to work together. Sharing is rough stuff!

We have been working on revamping an old dresser this week.

He took off the old hardware, and lovely gold trim for me.

She helped me sand.

Today we primed.

Tomorrow we paint.

I enjoy projects like this, but they really are like running on my treadmill for me. Brutal, painful, and tiring. . . but oh how I love the end results!


Lacey said...

I'm excited to see what you come up with!

Amber Hooten said...

How fun! We miss seeing you guys outside on days like today!

Brandi Jo said...

I love projects like that too, but same thing... it is hard work!! I still have a chair that I have striped and sanded. Now the easy part (painting) is all I have left, but I am so burnt out! Maybe one day... :-) I am excited to see the end results!!

Jeff & Chell said...

Hey Brooke! Just so you know I updated my blog, so come and take a look! Sounds like you are a busy lady! Have fun.

Harris Family said...

OOO I love projects... you will have to post pictures.