Out with the Old

This is what will be going on for the next few weeks around here. I am spring cleaning.

Cleaning out junk drawers.

Touch up painting the walls.

Organizing cupboards, and closets.

Refurbishing a dresser for the guest room (can't wait for the finished product).

Washing the blinds.

Scrubbing the baseboards.

Spot cleaning carpets.

(and my least favorite) Cleaning under the Refrigerator, and oven.

The list goes on and on. I actually enjoy doing these things. It's the everyday cleaning I don't enjoy.

Basically my blog will most likely be neglected for these next few weeks. When I am back though, there will be much to tell. Two kiddo's b-days. My sis and new niece coming to visit. The rest of the fam coming for a short stay. A quick trip to AZ. Gaining a new SIL and new niece (at the same time). Hopefully spending time with old friends (and of course family. . . Dusty!) in AZ, who let me practice my photog skills (hint hint!). Yes we will be busy, but we will be having a blast!


Lara said...

I need to do the under refrigerator thing and the under the oven thing. Not fun, but necessary!

HAve fun!

Chelsea said...

I am boycotting your cleaning if it means you won't be around GT. You better find time my friend!!!

I am excited for you to get to go to Az! Soo fun! Sooooo jealous! Don't forget to accidentally get lost and end up at my house. hahaha :)

Marci Coombs said...

If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were 'nesting' :) I wish I had your mad painting skills. Where in AZ are you coming to and for how long? It'd be fun to get together for lunch!

Audrey said...

I love to do deep cleaning too, but it's become nearly impossible to do with the three kids and Derek's hours at work. I hate to spend all of Saturday with the whole family cleaning you know? We do some cleaning each Saturday though and it tames the inner cleaning beast in me.