Step By Step

As promised, here are the Instructions for the super EASY CUTE shirts. (aka freezer paper stenciling)

1. You will need a shirt* (wash it beforehand), craft knife, and fabric paint**.

2. You will also need freezer paper***.

3. Find the image you want to use (there are tons of free stencils online, or even coloring pages. . .), and print onto a plain piece of paper.

4. Cut two pieces of freezer paper (same size). Place one of the pieces (freezer paper) on top of the image you just printed.

5. Using your knife trace over your picture. (make sure you have a cutting board, or mat to work on!)

6. Carefully remove the cutout.

7. Place your new stencil onto your shirt (SHINY side DOWN). Place your second piece of freezer paper INSIDE of the shirt (SHINY side UP). This is so your paint won't bleed through to the back of the shirt.

8. Using your hot iron go over your freezer paper until it has adhered to the shirt.

9. Using fabric paint and a brush, paint on a thin layer of paint (you can do a second layer if you want the color darker, but you don't use too much paint.)

10. Let the paint dry for 24 hours (Read paint instructions for exact time), and then peel off the Freezer paper.

11. Iron over the dry paint, to set in the image (again read your bottle of paint for exact instructions).

And there you have it. super EASY CUTE shirts.

Can't wait to see what everyone creates!

* I bought my shirts at walmart. $3.50 a shirt.

** I got my fabric paint from Joanne's (super cheap if you use your 40% off coupons!)

*** Find freezer paper at your grocery store


Mariley Johnson said...

that seems easy enough. They really are so cute.

LaFish said...

So cute! Can't wait to try and get my craft on:) Thanks for the tutorial!

benandchayfuller said...

What an adorable idea! I'll have to try it out :)

Shannon said...

Thanks Brooke!! I am totally going to try this. I tried calling today. I will try again this week if I don't hear from ya :)

Adriane said...

So chic!

But I think I need a "dummied-down" version of the instructions. How about this:

1) buy cheapest shirt at Walmart
2) put it on
3) go to the chinese buffet
4) use shirt as napkin...oh, I mean "artistic canvas"
5) let dry and "VOILA!" your shirt is done

Okay, j/k.

I love your shirts! And thanks for the instructions (I really appreciate pictures versus words :)

Hey, maybe one of these days I will feel crafty enough to attempt one. You know, I am totally craving a shirt that has Nacho Libre stenciled on it!