Welcomed Back With Open Arms

There are a few reasons why this picture brings a smile to my face.

1. Crocs come out of hiding, at our house, when the weather is warmer. I am most definitely a warm weather person.

2. Independence. Even if it is something as small as my children being able to put on their own shoes. With ZERO help from me.

3. Ainsley's cute, knobby, scrapped knees.

4. Isaac insisting on red crocs, because red is his favorite color after all.


Chelsea said...

LOVE IT! I love how bruised up little kid legs are. Oh to be little again! Now when we bruise it is gross and old lady looking! :)

Lindsey said...

EEESSSHHHHKKKKK-I just looked at your extended weather forcast...we may have to do some shopping since all of Kerrigans clothes that fit are winter!!!

Mariley Johnson said...

is it hot there? it's practically summer here. not really. but it's definatly warm.
i'm all about crocs for the kids for the very reason that they can put them on themself.
I think that's why Jens doesn't like them, becasue i do.
he insists on wearing his socks and tennis shoes always.