Day 1.

California Vacation.
First stop.  Sand Dunes in Yuma.
I loved the sand dunes.  Absolutely beautiful.  It was hot though.  Really hot.  So we didn't stay long. 

 Our next stop was Carlsbad.  We parked our car at our hotel.  And did not get back in the car for two days.  Our hotel was on the beach.  All food was within walking distance.  It was heavenly.

Here's the kids first steps to the ocean, for the very first time.
 Oh how I wish I could have bottled up the excitement.  It was contagious.
Except for Gwen.  She was scared. The loud crashing of the waves.  The tide coming in and then rushing out.  It all kind of freaked her out. Notice the Monkey Death grip below.

I tried to get a quick picture while she was clinging to me.  All I got was blur, but it shows how her face looked the entire first day on the beach.
 There was a lot of sandcastle making.
And a lot more playing in the waves.
When the day was done.  We went back to our hotel room.  Watched the sun set.  Went to bed.  And fell asleep to the sound of the crashing waves.  Perfect ending to a perfect day.


Mariley Johnson said...

Could I please have Ainsley's bathing suit n my size? So cute!
What hotel did you stay at? Sounds great.

JenW said...

what a fantastic time at the beach! how fun! and i LOVE ainsley's bathing suit, seriously awesome!

sarah said...

I love vacations were you get to park your car and forget about it :) Tries to get Reese the same bathing suit as Ainsley but the y didn't have her size, bummer.
I love Gwens reactions, so funny!

debrajo said...

Beautiful pictures! I LOVE the sand-dunes with your family in the distance. Awesome.