Day 3.


Isaac was not a fan of this ride.  He knew what it was.  He's been on it before.  I guess he just forgot until he was up in his seat, and the ride was ready to start.  And being the good mother I am.  I laughed.  And took pictures.  And laughed some more...until I cried.  Poor kid.
Ainsley loved it.  Check out that grin. 
The next one was Ainsley's favorite.

She wanted to ride Again.  and again.  and again.
Look friends.  It's me!!  Mike doesn't do spinning rides.  So lucky me, I get to take the kids over and over.  Oh wait.  Nope.  They wanted to ride over and over...but once was more than enough for me.

Isaac's favorite part of the day.  Looking at all of the lego creations.  Shame on me for not taking more pictures of him with the built legos.
We also went to the sealife aquarium.  Always a hit with our family.  Then we got in the car, said peace out Carlsbad, and headed for Anaheim. 

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Teddy said...

Wow! Lego Land looks like the perfect place for my boys. So much fun! I think I'm going to have to look into that...

What could be better than spinny rides and Lego Star Wars. :)