Day 4 and 5.

I really didn't take too many pictures.  I like disneyland. but... I hate crowds.  I hate long lines.  Which is why a couple weeks before schools let out is the perfect time for us to go. The kids have a couple favorite rides and we were able to ride those over and over.  Specifically buzz lightyear, starwars, small world, and autotopia.  

The kids loved it and are already planning the next disney trip. You know, to see these faces again, I just might do it!

We went home the next day. Had some carsickness "incidents".  Made it home in one piece. Everyone was very happy to be home. 
The end.


Lacey said...

Why is there not a FAMILY picture at Disneyland! We loved loved loved the toy story ride but because we went at Thanksgiving we waited forever to ride it! It was well worth the wait!

Mariley Johnson said...

I have lived vicariously through your family trip. Thanks. I had fun too!

Michelle said...

haha...i luv mike's face in that first pic! it looks like he's thinking- 'i know i'm all that in this sports car of mine'. lol

sarah said...

Loved the kids faces in the toon town pics. I asked your kids what there favorite part of the trip was and Ainsley replied, " I liked the 2 lands." Haha made me laugh :)