Day 2.

Our full day at the beach.  Loved every minute of it.
{note:this is how girls pose}
 {note:and this would be a boy pose}

Isaac ran straight for the water.
Ainsley preferred not getting wet.  She enjoyed digging and building castles all day.
 This was as close to the water as she wanted to get.

At one point she was so involved with her digging she didn't see the waves coming. It was hilarious.
Gwen even enjoyed the beach the second-go-around!  I mean, she didn't go near the water.  Still freaked her out.  But she was all over the sand castle building.

I was sad to see our beach time end.  I seriously loved this part of our vacation.  I have decided that next year we will skip legoland and disneyland all together.  Over crowded theme parks vs.  Quiet, serene beach... Kind of a no-brainer for me.  Hopefully the rest of the family can deal with my executive decision {wink}. 


Lacey said...

Aw man. I'm itching to take a summer vay-ca and these pictures are making it worse! I'm trying to talk Chris into a weekend getaway local but a beach trip would be even better! Although, I know wonce your disneyland pictures are posted I'll be itching to go back there too! Not till next year though. We have to wait until EK is older. Great pictures and so fun you guys got to take such a fun trip!

sarah said...

Hunter & Reese want to know why you are not in the pictures :)
These are making me itch for the beach too!

Amanda said...

I am so with you on the theme parks!!! I think
We arelanning a beach vacation for next summer;)

And I would comment our blog more if I didn't have to typed
Those secret code words!